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here you can protect one link only just put the url
in the above link box (required) and put the size if it
where available ,file download link (recomended),
author and size are not Necessary but recomended too
if you want to google it ..
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Terms to use 120url service
The disallowed links in 120url service:
Any links have a copyright or are not acceptable from Google ad sense privacy policy like this black list contents
the drugs - the porn - the weapons
the copyrighted materials
The allowed links in 120url service:
Any links without copyrights or arenot founded in the above black list links"only the available for all you materials and links" can short it's
links here like:
Insurance articles , Any medical topics... ex: mesothelioma,Asbestos Cancer, cord blood, mesothelioma attorney Utah and else Any trading articles... ex: forex market, gold and silver trading, fuel prices, cars buy and sell process Any free entertainment materials .

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